One of the hardest aspects of any kind of design or content creation is finding good quality free imagery, so Stockio – a new option for finding free photography and graphics is a very welcomed resource.
“Pro” paid for stock image sites can get expensive fast, so there’s a huge demand for free stock photography and vectors. However what’s been available up until now has been difficult to find and use for various reasons:
  • Free images are often low quality
  • Free images usually require attribution
  • The selection of free images is limited
  • Good quality, attribution free images from free sites get too popular and you start seeing the same images everywhere
  • Free sites often support themselves with advertising which can be annoying and distracting
  • Most sites only offer one type of resource, e.g. just free stock photos, or just free vectors. Searching through lots of different sites when you need more than one type of stock can be time consuming.


If you’re a designer and you’re not subscribing to RSS feeds, I strongly encourage you to start. RSS, short for “Really Simple Syndication” is a format for delivering regularly changing content (i.e. blogs) to a single user. The old way of browsing the web involved bookmarking and visiting sites whenever you wanted to check for updates. RSS and accompanying RSS readers bring news stories, blog posts, etc. to a central location whenever new content is published. Basically, it does all the hard work for you and gives you a bucket full of content ready for consumption.


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